Even Our Beds Are Getting Smarter – Marcus Hiles

Enhancements are seen even at the front door. App-controlled deadbolts allow users to decide how they want to open their homes and to whom: entry codes can be fixed for various family members or even be granted on an impermanent basis for visiting staff like pet sitters and cleaning people. Many savvy locks send an alert that a guest has arrived, while an HD camera with microphone provides a live feed, permitting hosts to communicate with waiting company, even when not actually present on the property to receive them. Wi-Fi doorbells are an absolute innovation in terms of both security and power: residents can even utilize the high-definition stream for night vision views in darker environments, and to protect their privacy by engaging a quiet mode when wishing to remain undisturbed. The second function is particularly beneficial for keeping a resting newborn happy or while taking an Saturday afternoon nap. Marcus Hiles says that even our beds are getting niftier: sleepers for newborns play music, shine soothing lights, and lightly rock babies with mechanized settings; while adult mattresses monitor behavior patterns and analyze the data to improve sleep quality by regulating the position.

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