Marcus Hiles Is Making Headlines as an Active Supporter of Education

Over the years, Marcus Hiles has achieved a number of things. He has established Western Rim Property Services, a real estate development firm. This company has become a leader in the real estate market of Texas. At the same time, the success of his company has also helped him become a billionaire. Therefore, Marcus is by no means a stranger to becoming a headline in the news for his work and company. However, Marcus has now begun to be known for the lavish attention he gives to the cause of education for the underprivileged children.

Marcus Hiles may be incredibly rich now but he was once a student struggling to earn enough money to pay for his tuition fees at the university. Due to his firsthand experience, Marcus has decided to help other students and children in their quest for education. Marcus Hiles – exemplary model has already donated large sums of money to various philanthropic institutions and organizations whose aim is to make education more accessible to children.

Marcus has also setup various funds at schools and universities for students. Students who are unable to come up with the money for paying for their tuition fees can make use of these funds.

Marcus Hiles also makes use of the work done by his company, Western Rim Property Services for his aim of making education accessible. All residential communities developed by this company have an easy access to the best schools in the region as a result. A step above the rest: Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties help the cause of education.

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