How Determination Helped a Boy Become a Billionaire

Marcus Hiles was known in his childhood to be a quiet but determined young kid. Decades later, he has become the founder and chairman of one of the biggest real estate development firms in Texas. The firm, Western Rim Property Services, has developed some of the most renowned and popular residential communities in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio in Texas. All of this has been made possible by the immense determination of Marcus, a virtue he possessed even in his childhood.

Marcus had a pretty ordinary childhood that was somewhat affected by the fact that his parents did not have much of their income to spare. In fact, ice cream was a luxury for them even though they had enough food on the table. The parents of Marcus did their best to ensure that their son would go to a school and have a complete education. Follow Marcus on Twitter for more on this man.

Marcus fulfilled the dreams of his parents by studying diligently, determined to make the best use of what he had been given. Marcus was a good student but that was not enough to secure a spot at a university as his parents did not have the financial resources to do so. Instead of resigning himself to his fate, Marcus was determined to overcome it.

Marcus began to work jobs and use the money earned for paying the university tuition fees. He struggled with barely enough to get by. His fierce determination helped him through and he managed to successfully establish a company and then make it prosper. Visit Marcus Hiles’s official Facebook page for more on his life.

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