Marcus Hiles: The Sworn Environmentalist

There are few, in the real estate business, especially in Texas, who has not heard of Marcus Hiles or his company, Western Rim Properties. After all, Western Rim Properties is easily one of the biggest real estate development companies in the state. However, the lesser known fact is the dedication of Marcus towards the environment.

Marcus Hiles has contributed to a variety of charitable projects over the years. He has helped the field of education, improved the conditions of the underprivileged and also a firm supporter of environmental causes. He contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars towards the improvement and protection of the environment. He has created innumerable parks, lakes and a variety of other open spaces so that the environment can be protected. All of these spaces are open to the public as he wants them to enjoy the pleasures and beauty of the environment.

Even at a corporate level, he steadfastly holds on to his principles. He is a strong advocate few environmental stewardship. His principles have guided the direction of his company as well. At all properties created, owned and managed by Western Rim Properties, people can find a strong emphasis on the environment. Even while constructing the homes, care is taken to protect the environment.

The actions of Marcus D Hiles, CEO of Western Rim, are certainly incredible. In spite of being a billionaire, he has kept his feet firmly grounded. Through his actions, Marcus hopes to help the people and the environment. In this effort, Marcus is also helped by his wife, Nancy Hiles, who shares the dedication of her husband towards charity and the environment.

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