The Educational Background for Success: Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles is one of the most successful Texas real estate moguls in the country. Since 2004, his company Western Rim Properties has grown to over 20,000 residential units, and provided luxury living situations to thousands of families across Texas for an affordable price.

None of what Marcus D. Hiles has today could have been possible without hard work and dedication to his education. Marcus Hiles holds a bachelor’s degree from Rice University and a master’s degree from Pepperdine University. Throughout his educational career, Marcus Hiles always showed an interest in entrepreneurship and improving the lives of hardworking Americans everywhere.

The Young Marcus Hiles and his Dedication to Education

Similar to his parents, Marcus Hiles was a hardworking college student. He always went above and beyond the expectation of his professors when completing assignments and projects, and excelled in all subjects. During the first few years of his college career, Marcus became interested in real estate development.

Marcus was a keen observer of successful businesses and soon discovered that real estate development was a great option for a future career. After graduating from Rice University, he enrolled at Pepperdine University in California to obtain a master’s degree. His time as a graduate student is where he really learned how to network with other people, create an effective business plan and attract consumers.

His journey continued when he graduated from Pepperdine and began work for some of the most prestigious real estate professionals in the country. His drive to further his education allowed him to excel during his tenure as an employee of these real estate companies and he moved up the ranks very quickly.

Starting a Company in 2004: Putting his Skills to Good Use

Marcus Hiles was unlike many real estate moguls that came before him. To Marcus Hiles, creating a successful company wasn’t just about making money: He also strived to help as many people as possible obtain the American dream of owning a home. Western Rim Properties has been able to achieve this goal to a level Marcus had never dreamed of before.

The skills that Marcus Hiles acquired during and after his college tenure is one of the biggest factors in the success of Western Rim Properties. Not only is he a Texas real estate mogul, he is also well known as a great business leader that attracts top talent and strives to create the best brand for his residents.

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